CM Series

THE SL 2 SUBCOMPACT SYSTEM is the ultimate attachment—lightweight and extremely versatile. The system has been updated with an improved hydraulic system and modular pads to work with more machines and for more applications. Featuring all-aluminum construction, the patent pending design runs off the host machine’s hydraulic system and can be easily attached in minutes to lift steel plate, saw-cut concrete, granite and marble slabs, landscape pavers and more. In addition, quick-connect hydraulic hoses make switching between attachments fast and easy so you can maximise productivity on the job. Perfect for floor, footpaths, driveway, road and landscaping projects.
  • Available with manual or wireless remote control
  • Models with innovative accumulator design allow contractors to use the system on equipment without a case drain
  • Hydraulically driven vacuum pump operates using the auxiliary hydraulics from the host machine (minimum 38 LPM required with maximum 20 MPa)
  • Includes quick-connect hydraulic hoses and factory pre-set flow control valve to ensure optimal performance
  • Universal mounting plates allow easy attachment to all skid steer models
  • All system components are fabricated from high quality aluminum to maximise overall lifting capacity of the host machine
  • Connects to small excavators, backhoes and cranes using clevis hook connection Specifications